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5 Speed 3000GT VR4 Getrag Transmission Rebuild Results

This unit needed some love when we received it, but its fully equipped now! We really enjoy rebuilding these AWD units for the 3000GT and Dodge Stealth turbos!

  • 300M Output shaft
  • New OEM Synchros
  • New Seals
  • New Bearings
  • Fully cleaned
  • All bearing pre-loads reset
  • New 1/2 Hub and Slider
  • New shifter bushing block
  • New fill and drain plugs
  • Fully rebuilt transfer case

Additional Fixes

We also were able to repair the very common damaged transmission mount bolt holes. They very often strip and we heli-coil repaired all three, so the end users will have fresh threads and no problem mounting the transmission. 

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