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3000GT Synchronizer Delamination

That would cause some grinds…This is an unusual thing to see, but this used OEM Getrag synchronizer has delaminated from its backing. It just highlights how important it is to carefully inspect the ENTIRE transmission and all components and not take things at face value.It also highlights to be careful using solvents on synchronizers, we never soak any synchros in any type of parts cleaner or brake cleaner.


3000GT Synchronizer Repair and Material Types, Brass, Stock Fibrous, Sintered Bronze, Synchrotech Pro Carbon

In order to repair 3000gt synchronizers it is good to be informed about the different types that may be found. There are four commonly found synchronizer material types and all four have been available for the Dodge Stealth and 3000GT AWD Turbo and VR4 models.Brass Synchronizers3000GT brass synchroA Poor Copy of a SynchronizerThis is a commonly found overseas copy of the original synchros and it made completely out of brass. It is easy to spot because it is very [...]