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3000GT VR4 / Dodge Stealth AWD Transfer Case Input Spool Replacement

 The input spool on the 3000GT / Stealth AWD Getrag transmission/transfer case setup (W5MG1 / W6MG1) is very prone to corrosion and spline wear. Anytime the transfer case is removed the splines should be cleaned and have heavy grease applied to both the shaft coming out of the transmission (output shaft) and the splines inside […]

3000GT VR4 & Dodge Stealth Transfer Case Seal Installation Guide

After many years the Stealth or 3000GT VR4 transfer case seals begin to leak, this happened so often there was a safety recall in the 2000s to address the issue. The dealership would replace your seals and inspect your transfer case to see if it needed replaced completely. The recall has finally expired and very […]

3000GT / Dodge Stealth Transmission Shift Fork Roll Pin Walk-Out

The 1/2 shift fork on both the 5 and 6 speed has a real habit of having the roll pin walk out. Issues from this can range from missing gears to engaging two gears at once, which can be catastrophic to say the least! We loctite the pins in to help prevent this. The available […]

5 Speed 3000GT VR4 Getrag Transmission Rebuild Results

This unit needed some love when we received it, but its fully equipped now! We really enjoy rebuilding these AWD units for the 3000GT and Dodge Stealth turbos! 300M Output shaft New OEM Synchros New Seals New Bearings Fully cleaned All bearing pre-loads reset New 1/2 Hub and Slider New shifter bushing block New fill […]

3000GT Billet Transfer Case Build

We love to have the opportunity to build transfer cases from stock to maximum effort builds like this, but this unit came out so good we had to share! This 5 speed 3000GT transfer case build has the following: Full Rvenge Performance 3000GT Transfercase Rebuild Service REM Treated Gears Broomfield Racing Billet Case Vipershark Billet […]

VCU Failure and the Black Goo

When the 3000GT or Dodge Stealth AWD VCU fails it leaks its silicon fluid throughout the transmission and causes a lot of synchronizers, bearings, hubs, sliders, etc to all gum up and cause poor shifting and pre-mature wear. When this happens to you its important the transmission is completely disassembled, each shaft and gear, and […]

VCU Failure and Excessive RTV Leads to Bearing Failure

Transmission Sealant Getrag used an anaerobic sealant in their 3000GT and Dodge Stealth Transmission builds. An equivalent that can be used today is Permatex 51813. Many of the transmissions we rebuild here have been rebuilt in the past at least once and its very common to see black, grey, or orange RTV sealant used instead of […]

3000GT Dodge Stealth Output Shaft Wear

In order to cost effectively offer both a front wheel and all wheel drive option Mitsubishi used a transverse layout for all 3/S cars. With the engine “sideways” in the engine bay this meant that somehow the power from the transmission needed to go back towards the rear end and make a 90 degree turn. […]

3/S 6 Speed 4th Gear Check Ball

If you decide to do a synchro swap on your 6 speed AWD transmission there is a very important item to be aware of. Above 4th gear is a ball bearing that holds the thrust washer from rotating. If you try to press all the gears off in one shot you will crack the bearing […]

Transmission Pops out of Gear

Seeing inside many transmissions of various condition, mileage, and, age you begin to see all the common problems. Worn synchronizers, bad bearings, leaking seals, even cracked or broken transmission cases are regular occurrences. Normally we are rebuilding transmissions that either grind, make noise, leak, or just don’t feel good anymore. Every once in a while […]