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Parts Installation Guides
3000GT VR4 / Dodge Stealth AWD Transfer Case Input Spool Replacement
The input spool on the 3000GT / Stealth AWD Getrag transmission/transfer case setup (W5MG1 / W6MG1) is very prone to corrosion and spline wear. Anytime the transfer case is removed the splines should be cleaned and have heavy grease applied to both the shaft coming out of the transmission (output shaft) and the splines inside …
Transmission Tech
3000GT VR4 & Dodge Stealth Transfer Case Seal Installation Guide
After many years the Stealth or 3000GT VR4 transfer case seals begin to leak, this happened so often there was a safety recall in the 2000s to address the issue. The dealership would replace your seals and inspect your transfer case to see if it needed replaced completely. The recall has finally expired and very …
Transmission Tech
3000GT / Dodge Stealth Transmission Shift Fork Roll Pin Walk-Out
The 1/2 shift fork on both the 5 and 6 speed has a real habit of having the roll pin walk out. Issues from this can range from missing gears to engaging two gears at once, which can be catastrophic to say the least! We loctite the pins in to help prevent this. The available …