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3000GT VR4 / Dodge Stealth AWD Transfer Case Input Spool Replacement

 The input spool on the 3000GT / Stealth AWD Getrag transmission/transfer case setup (W5MG1 / W6MG1) is very prone to corrosion and spline wear. Anytime the transfer case is removed the splines should be cleaned and have heavy grease applied to both the shaft coming out of the transmission (output shaft) and the splines inside […]

3000GT VR4 Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo Endcase Input Shaft Bearing Endplay Setup

One of the most overlooked bearings in these 5 and 6 speed Getrag 440 and Getrag 446 transmissions is the input shaft bearing in the end case. This bearing is opposite of the bellhousing bearing that contains the throwout bearing collar. This bearing is responsible for supporting the input shaft on the end case side […]

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