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Dodge Stealth Fiberglass Viper Hood Strut Install

Are you tired of holding your Dodge Stealth or 3000GT fiberglass or carbon fiber hood up with a stick? Dread losing your hood prop? Tired of hitting your head?   Here is a video to the hood strut install on our fiberglass hood: Dodge Stealth Viper Fiberglass Hood Struts - YouTube Here is the list [...]

3000GT / Stealth Backup CD Technical Manuals

*These pdf copies of the factory manuals are intended for owners of the printed service manuals from Mitsubish and/or Chrysler corporation as a backup for them. R'VENGE Performance makes no copyright claim on these and users assume all liability in downloading and using them. We did not produce them and are only offering them as [...]

6 Speed 3000GT Transmission Rebuild Part #1

Today we are going to illustrate some of what’s involved in changing synchros in a 3000GT VR4 or Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo. This is also useful for those of you who want to take advantage of our cluster rebuild options. These are not all the steps we take, but we think they will be helpful. […]

3000GT Transmission Rebuild and Synchronizer Break-In

A 3000GT transmission rebuild or a Dodge Stealth transmission rebuild is an investment that you will want to protect. There are steps to take to be sure that your transmission rebuild lasts a long time and gives you a lot of joy, shifting the transmission for years to come. Installation Recommendations A transmission or clutch swap […]

Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo Shop Car & 3000GT Performance

We supply parts and services for a wide variety of platforms and engines, but our passion was ignited by the 3000GT and Dodge Stealth, particular the Turbo AWD Models. 3000GT Performance is in our blood! Our first car was a 1995 Dodge Stealth R/T non turbo, black on black and we loved it. The styling, […]

6 Speed Performance 3000GT Transmission Rebuild and Transfer Case Rebuild Results

At Rvenge Performance we specialize in 3000GT transmission rebuilds, including its sister platform the Dodge Stealth We recently finished a Performance 6 Speed Transmission and Transfer Case rebuild and just completed our Q/A Process. This is a very nice unit that includes a billet bellhousing brace, 1/2 billet shift fork, a full carbon synchro set, […]

Ford Ranger Battery Project

An off topic post today. I have a 1998 Ford Ranger. I’ve had it since I was in high school and its been with me almost half my life. Today it had a dead battery, a situation I am sure we have all been in. I happened to have a Optima Yellow top group 51 […]

VCU Failure and the Black Goo

When the 3000GT or Dodge Stealth AWD VCU fails it leaks its silicon fluid throughout the transmission and causes a lot of synchronizers, bearings, hubs, sliders, etc to all gum up and cause poor shifting and pre-mature wear. When this happens to you its important the transmission is completely disassembled, each shaft and gear, and […]

Shift Fork Failure in the 6 Speed 3000GT VR4 / Dodge Stealth AWD

Yikes! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we just started with a picture of what can happen when you shift a 6 Speed 3000GT VR4 or AWD Dodge Stealth like you really mean it… That aluminum piece that is fractured on the edge is the 1st and 2nd gear shift fork. […]

3000GT VR4 Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo Endcase Input Shaft Bearing Endplay Setup

One of the most overlooked bearings in these 5 and 6 speed Getrag 440 and Getrag 446 transmissions is the input shaft bearing in the end case. This bearing is opposite of the bellhousing bearing that contains the throwout bearing collar. This bearing is responsible for supporting the input shaft on the end case side […]

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