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Transfer Case Bearing Pre-loads – 3000GT Spool Swap

Bearing pre-loads are critical to long life of any tapered roller bearing. It is very important when swapping a transfer case spool to reset the bearing pre-load. A different spool than the original one your transfer case came with may not be dimensional identical and aftermarket spools, while often very high quality, may bring additional dimensional variation.

During any transfer case rebuild we do as a part of our 3000GT / Dodge Stealth transfer case rebuild service we fully re-shim and reset all the bearings to ensure long life.

Recently we were rebuilding a transfer case that had already had a spool swap and it had WAY too much shim that ruined the bearings.

You can see the heavy pitting from this bearing be over-loaded.

We found a few other problems and short cuts taken by the previous rebuilder. The side cover oring was replaced with just RTV instead of using the OEM Mitsubishi Recall Kit we do for each t-case rebuild, which includes new o-rings.

The lack of o-rings here shows a lack of detail and parts availability that may lead to leaks. 

At Rvenge Performance we pride ourselves on specializing in rebuilding 3000GT and Dodge Stealth 5 and 6 Speed Transmissions and T-cases and maintain a large inventory of the RIGHT parts to rebuild your important driveline components.

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