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3000GT / Stealth Oil Pump Relief Valve Shimming

In this article we will quickly illustration how easy it is to shim your oil pump relief valve on your 3000GT or Dodge Stealth 6G72 engine.

This oil pump is from a 4-bolt 6G72, but the principal should apply to any 6G oil pump. The relief valve is designed to bypass oil around the oil pump and back to the pan once about 70 PSI is hit. Particularly useful on cold starts where pressure may go over 100 PSI, even with the relief wide open.

The benefit of this is higher peak oil pressure, which can help with high RPM or high load situations. It will not increase your idle oil pressure or any condition where your pressure is already below about 65-70 PSI.

This is just one washer and we don’t have data yet on exactly how much this raised peak pressure, but we will post before and after oil pressure datalogs in the future.

Remove the 22mm bolt on the bottom of the pump housing.

The spring and bolt.

Place one ordinary 6mm washer inside the nut where the spring seat is.

Now, just re-install the nut and torque to 33 ft. lbs. It may fight you, but be careful not to cross thread it.[/caption]

More extreme users may choose more than one washer, but this is probably enough.

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