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3000GT Rear End Rebuild Results

In this blog post we want to cover the results of a 3000GT rear end rebuild we recently performed. This rear differential from a 6 speed 3000GT VR4 needed a rebuild for many reasons. It was rusty, had excessive backlash, and the seals were leaking.

We had a core in stock and rebuilt it on an exchange basis with our customer. If you are interested in this service please purchase our rear differential rebuild service here.

Rear End Importance

The rear end on a VR4 or Stealth R/T Turbo is an often overlooked, but critical part to your driveline. Up to 55% of the engine power in an AWD 3000GT or Dodge Stealth is transmitted to the rear end through the transfer case.

Driveline clunks may originate from excessive backlash in your rear end. As part of the rear end rebuild process at Rvenge Performance we make sure our units leave the shop in like new or better condition. This includes setting backlash, pinion pre-load, and carrier pre-load back to factory settings.

Along with this we verify the gear tooth pattern and replace any bearings that show wear. We also replace the seals with brand new OEM Mitsubishi seals because they last the longers and paint the rear end a semi flat black to prevent future rusting.

First Steps

The first step to a rear differential rebuild is to disassemble the unit and fully inspect it. Next we put the unit in a chemical bath that removes all the rust and brings the rear diff back to as cast condition. In our opinion this is superior to sandblasting as it doesn’t change the texture of the material, but either are suitable methods.

A rusty 3000GT rear end ready to be rebuilt.

Units usually start out looking like this or worse.

Rear End Rebuild Continued

Next we remove the carrier and fully break down the rear end. This is the only way to properly inspect the bearings. The ring & pinion receives a full inspection and we take a gear tooth pattern check. We check the pattern before removing the carrier to get an indication of how well the rear end was setup before.

A fully disassembled 3000GT rear differential.

We have the correct tools, including the factory spanner wrench to properly remove and set the side carrier bearing pre-load (not pictured)

A rear end after rust removal.

The chemical de-rusting soak takes 1-2 days. Even the rustiest steel returns back to an as cast condition. At this point the unit is cleaned again in the ultrasonic tank and then finally cleaned in clean solvent to prevent rusting and remove and water based liquid.

A differential bearing that shows signs of wear.

Rear differential bearings that show wear are replaced because they are critical to the function of the re-end. Pinion pre-load is set. The carrier assembly is re-installed, backlash is set, and the carrier bearing pre-load is set.

Final Results

A fully rebuilt Dodge Stealth rear end.

The completed unit, all setup perfectly and painted. Quality sealant, the “Right Stuff” is used to seal the cover to the diff. OEM axle and pinion seals are always used for OEM life and leak free performance.

Restoration quality paint.

A factory finish you can be proud of.

Final 3000GT rear end rebuild results

This 3000GT rear end rebuild is ready for another lifetime of trouble free, clunk free, service.

3000GT Rear End Rebuild Conclusion

At Rvenge Performance & Transmissions we don’t believe in just fixing your driveline parts. We believe in making them look and function like new or better. If a part is 50% worn out we don’t leave it in to get the remaining life out of it because a customers best return on investment is to bring whatever we do back to 100% condition, to ensure a new lifetime of service. 

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