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3000GT Radiator – Aluminum Performance Koyo Installation Guide

Let’s face it, if you have a 3000GT or Dodge Stealth you have an engine that produces a lot of heat. You also have a car that could be almost 30 years old, with a 30 year old radiator.

Combine a 30 year old radiator and our notoriously cramped engine bays, perhaps a front mount intercooler, and other upgrades and you have a recipe for overheating.

The original stock copper radiators were not bad units, but by now they are hardly even worth repairing. With the aluminum radiator options out there like the 3000GT / Dodge Stealth Koyo Radiator that practically drop into place, replacing your old corroded, dirty, or leaking radiator is a no brainer.

The Koyo 3/S Radiator is designed to utilize the stock radiator hoses, and has all the bolt bosses for the stock fans.

The Koyo radiator for the 3000GT or Dodge Stealth is a high capacity unit and includes all mounting points for the stock fans, new bolts for the fans, and threaded bosses for 1st Generation fan temperature switches if needed. This fan fits all manual transmission 91-99 3000GT and Dodge Stealths.

The Koyo radiator drops right into place, but will require some care and attention and some modifications to your stock upper radiator brackets.

As shown the stock radiator brackets do not quite line up with the thicker than stock radiator.

The stock radiator brackets are very strong and attractive. For the most basic install you can enlarge the hole near the headlight and cut the bottom hole open.

Once the bolts are installed and a little paint added the modification is hard to notice and the brackets are strong and secure.

If you can weld and want to go a little further a washer can be welded to the stock bracket for an even better fit.

Another area to be careful with is there is a bolt or stud (depending on generation) that holds the A/C lines to the condenser. It is very important that this bolt is not touching the radiator. It may require cutting the stud off or grinding the nut.

The other option if you want to mount the radiator as far forward as possible (for turbo or fan clearance) is to modify the bushings the condenser bolts go through.

You can easily remove half of the rubber bushing and replace with a small o-ring and a washer. This will gain you are least 1/16″, which can be just enough to clear the condenser bolt/stud head.

The final install is REALLY nice and will cool better than your old stock unit!

We hope you enjoyed our article on installing the Koyo Radiator. Please take a look at here: 3000GT Koyo Radiator

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