MAFT 2.02 Maf Translator Mitsubishi 3000GT – Stealth – DSM – Eclipse



This is the latest production version of the MAFT black box style of fuel controllers. This allows you to remove the stock restrictive Mitsubishi Karman Vortex sensor and replace it with a widely available high flow GM hotwire maf sensor. You can run a 85mm/3.75″ maf in draw through or a 3.0″ or 3.5″ maf in blow through.

We recommend draw through for easy of tuning, but blow through will give you a lot of flexibility in your intake piping and if you are trying to eek out the absolute maximum power it may offer a slight gain over a draw through setup.

Either setup will allow you to flow more air before hitting the ceiling on what the stock maf can flow, both physically and electrically. The stock maf is a huge restriction above 400AWHP and this will help your setup support much more. It will also allow for quicker spool up times of your turbo chargers due to less restriction.

The MAFT also allows you to dial in your maf and injector size, it can be used on its own to achieve a tune within about 5% of perfect or in combination with a SAFC or a Flashable ECU.

These are brand new units and we are authorized dealers for Full Throttle Speed, who manufacture things. They are in stock and will ship the same day you order.

Includes a free printed manual

Download the MAFT 2.02 Manual For Settings and other information

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1.5 in