3000GT / Stealth Getrag 1/2 Billet Outer Blocker Ring



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We have recently worked to develop a billet outer blocking ring for the 3/s AWD transmission. This item is a major improvement over stock.

1)Billet Steel, over 100% stronger than the stock material. The stock material will strip off the teeth with enough hard shifting.

2)7 teeth per segment vs 6 for more strength

3)Sharper teeth than stock for butter smooth shifts.

We have been running this synchro along with our Synchrotech carbon synchros in our shop car and have to say its the best shifting combo we have ever tried, just goes in like butter! Falls into gear.

Fits 91-99 3000GT VR4 and Dodge Stealth Getrag Transmissions on 1st and 2nd gear

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