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At Rvenge Transmissions LLC we pride on ourselves on attention to detail and care above all else. It is the precision involved with building high performance driveline components that really inspires us.We do everything possible to produce exceptional units with zero defects or issues once out in the field. With that in mind we are proud to offer a 12 month limited warranty on our worksmanship. This warranty is limited only to our labor services and does not include shipping, shop fees for installation or removal of transmission or driveline components, and cannot cover any shipping or incidental costs incurred by our clients.Additionally due to the nature of racing we cannot warranty any parts once installed and make no guarantee of the suitability of components for any particular customers intended purposes. If components are highly stressed in a racing or abusive street driving use case and damaged in a unit that has been test driven and found to perform well previously we cannot be held liable as we did our part providing quality labor.This may sound harsh, but we are in a similar situation to a forged engine parts reseller. Once forged pistons are installed the parts belong to the owners. Any parts are to be inspected by the end user and any faults found in the parts must be reported and documented before installation or use.We may offer services that depend on factors outside of our control, such as gear cluster rebuilds. We guarantee that the clusters are free from any worksmanship defects, but since they are installed by a third party we cannot be sure if proper procedures were followed or if the rest of the unit is in good condition. If the end user determines there is an issue with the gear cluster it must be brought to our attention before running or installing in a transmission. We cannot guarantee gear clusters, gears, or synchros once run in a transmission.

Third Party Parts Warranties

We are an authorized dealership for any parts we sell on our website and will help facilitate any third party parts warranty provided by manufacturers to our customers. This includes only the parts themselves and does not include any labor or incidental costs, including, but not limited to shipping or installation fees.

Genuine Parts

We only sell genuine parts and take a hard stance against any counterfeit performance parts. We do not purchase parts through any “gray markets”.

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