Tein H Tech Lowering Spring Kit 3000GT VR4 Dodge Stealth TT



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High Tech is made from a new material called “Vanadium” which is much lighter then other spring and increases flexibility.

* All spring are designed specifically to fit each car for maximum performance
* About a 1 inch drop for a more attractive appearance
* Comfortable ride quality is still maintained by using the OEM bump rubber and noise protection sheet (available for most model)

This do not lower quite as much as the S-Techs and the ride is even more plush.

These fit 3000GT VR4 and Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo that originally had the adjustable suspension. if you want to run these on a late model that did not have ECS you will need additional parts.

Ride Height (F): -0.9in (-24mm)
Ride Height (R): -0.7in (-18mm)
Ride Height Lowering (F): -0.9in (-24mm)
Ride Height Lowering (R): -0.7in (-18mm)
Spring ID (F): TBA
Spring ID (R): TBA
Spring Length (F): 267mm
Spring Length (R): 352mm
Spring Rate (F): 218lbs/in (3.9kgf/mm)
Spring Rate (R): 146lbs/in (2.6kgf/mm)

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91-99;Mitsubishi;3000GT;VR4, 91-99;Mitsubishi;3000GT;SL, 91-96;Mitsubishi;3000GT;BASE, 91-96;Dodge;Stealth;RT Turbo, 91-96;Dodge;Stealth;RT


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