5/6 Speed Getrag AWD Transfer Case Rebuild 3000GT / Stealth



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After many years, miles, and launches the 3/S transfer case often needs some maintenance. The spool design of the transfer case allows for corrosion to slowly get in and wear the teeth on both the splines of the transmission output shaft and the input sleeve on the transfer case. It is important to replace these in pairs when possible as mixing one worn set of splines with a new one will lead to a sawing action and rapid wear.

This rebuild includes:

  • Full cleanup and disassembly of case and internal items.
  • Installation of all new seals and sealant
  • Inspection of both the pinion bearings and spool bearings. If pitted or worn bearings are found they will be replaced.
  • Pressing off of spool and re-pressing of new spool. This is a very heavy press fit and requires our 40 ton press to safely do the job.
  • Verification of bearing preloads, pinion pre-load torque, and gear tooth pattern.
  • New Spool Freeze Plug Seal
  • New Grade 10.9 Bolts
  • Leak and spun test before shipped out.

Please select your spool type. If you have a 5 speed 18 spline unit you will have to check and see if it has a bolt on the Getrag plate on the side. If it has a bolt it is a big bearing, but if not it is a small bearing. There is an additional charge for the big bearing 18 spline version as an adapter sleeve is required.

We are proud to offer optional REM surface treatment now!

We also offer optional WPC treatment for your gear set. The 6 speed gears are known for shattering under hard launches and this should prolong the life of your gear set. For more information please visit WPC

Includes Free Shipping back to you.

Please note we now have billet transfer cases available!.

Our cores include a good standard strength spool.

Please note your transmission output shaft must be replaced or new.

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Weight35 lbs
Dimensions20 × 12 × 12 in


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