5/6 Speed 3/S Transfercase Spool



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The transfer case coupler, or spool as it is commonly referred by is an important part of your driveline inside your 3/S transfer case. It is the part the output shaft from the transmission slides into and transfers power to the bevel gear inside the t-case, which transfers power to your pinion gear and then your driveshaft. If you rebuild your transmission and install a new output shaft it is important to also do your spool if it shows any wear.

We offer a service to fully rebuild your transfer case located here and we also offer a spool pressing service.

We have a video of pressing a spool in and out on our Youtube channel here:

3000GT / Stealth Transfer Case Input Spool Swap

We offer both stock replacement style spools, hardened, or 300M spools for maximum strength.

*300M 6 Speed Spool Pictured

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Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions6 × 2 × 2 in