3000GT / Stealth Solid Poly Hybrid Motor Mounts USA Made



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About The OEM Rubber Mounts

The stock motor mount try very hard to combat noise, vibration, and harshness. These cars were original designed as grand touring cars and it would be unacceptable to feel any engine vibration.

Not only do the stock mounts decay over time, but under hard driving, launching FWD or AWD or even just aggressive driving in general causes the engine to move around far too much. This causes loss of traction and damage to driveline components. It also makes the car slower.

Over a short period of time even new rubber mounts will rapidly fail, particularly the rear roll stopper.

About Polyurethane Mounts

Poly mounts are designed as a compromise between comfort and performance. The issue is they fail at both when used as front and rear roll stoppers.

Over the years/decades we have tried ever poly motor mount of all designs and they all have the insert in the rear fail rapidly.

Shown above is a poly motor mount with less than 10K miles on it and a few years use. This is nothing against this particular mount, they just cannot hold a car driven in anger.

The Solution – Solid Solid Mounts + Poly Sides

The solution for cars that are driven hard is simple, solid mount the engine roll stoppers. The vibration increase is much less than expected because the front and rear subframes the mounts bolt to are rubber isolated. The sides are normally bolted solid to the chassis, but with our hybrid mounts there is a little cushion. No, it won’t fail anymore. No more engine flopping around like a fish. No more broken u-joints and it can even lessen wheel hop, particularly on FWD 3/S cars.

We have searched long and hard for the highest quality mounts. Ones designed with aesthetics, weight savings, and strength in mind. We have found them and had a small run manufactured. We run them on our own shop car and they fit wonderfully and we are confident knowing our engine is going to stay where we want it and these will never need replaced.

  • We work with a USA contractor to have these manufactured.
  • Powdercoat for corrosion resistance
  • Excess metal removed
  • No sharp edges to cut yourself on
  • Excellent fit.
  • High strength tig welded
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Poly side mounts to lower vibration
  • Highly stress front and rear mounts SOLID

Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions10 × 8 × 6 in

91-99;Mitsubishi;3000GT;VR4, 91-99;Mitsubishi;3000GT;SL, 91-96;Mitsubishi;3000GT;BASE, 91-96;Dodge;Stealth;RT Turbo, 91-96;Dodge;Stealth;RT


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