3000GT / Stealth 6G72 Extreme Head Stud Kit




Extreme Studs are extremely popular in the diesel pulling community and they have made a stud kit out of the same material for the 6G72.

220k Min. tensile steel specifically designed for heavy duty, hi-shock applications.

All their studs and 12 Point nuts are made in house!

We are trying to stock some kits, but when out of stock they will ship from the manufacturer in a few days.
We will be running these on our Stealth shop car as we feel we are beyond the OEM bolts or will be.
  • Fine thread, 12 point, hardened flange nuts.
  • Custom hardened flat washers
  • Larger 1/2″ shank and nut.
  • Positive stop where bolt with contact block deck.
  • Black oxide – for corrosion resistance
  • Studs are hex’d on the end for easy installation and future removal

16 Studs, Washers, & Nuts Included

Recommend Torque 110 ft/lbs factory pattern in 3 stages.

These studs are as big as you can get in the stock bolt holes without reaming them out. You may find some studs tight, depending on casting differences and if the top has been mushroom from previous hard installations. If you can’t get the studs to slip through with little force, carefully tap the big end through the bolt holes from the combustion chamber/deck side upword until they go through. Then put a impact or drill on a socket and spin the studs until they loosen up. They should then slip in and out easily. Remove any burrs and clean the head if any particles were left behind.

If your heads have been milled many times you may need to run a thicker washer on top. The included washer on many of these kits is .0785″ thick.

ARP 200-8534 is .120″ and will solve the issue. The latest revision of the studs will be slightly shorter and solve the issue.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions8 × 6 × 4 in