Input Shaft Bearing End Case Side Kit



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This are custom machined bearings to fit the 3000GT or Dodge Stealth Getrag transmission end case, for the input shaft. They are no longer available from any source, so we took a high quality Japanese bearing and machined it to correctly index in the case and input shaft.

We also compared shims for these bearings vs an original bearing and provided the original bearing was shimmed correctly, the shims were actually the same. That should give a very good idea of the quality tools and people used to machine these.

If your bearing makes noise or has much in and out thrust play it is high recommended to replace it. A worn end case input shaft bearing can contribute to the “infamous Getrag rattle” some of these 3/S AWD transmissions have. A tight end case bearing will also lead to slightly improved up shifts.

This kit includes 5 new end case bearing retainer bolts, as they are very easy to damage these when removing them.

We also include 2 .1mm shims in case you need to adjust your unit.

We have included an instructional blog post here.

We have reserved a number of these for our rebuilds, so please keep in mind this is a very low production item. Our stock is accurate.


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