6 Speed Reverse Dampener 3000GT VR4


6 Speed Reverse Dampener 3000GT VR4

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This item serves as an extra detent for the 6 speed to prevent accidentally shifting from 5th to reverse. When these wear out its easy to hit reverse instead of 6th and this grinds up your reverse gear in a hurry. With reverse no longer available its important that this part is working correctly on your car. They often stick and you will not feel the extra gate going over to reverse.

These are no longer available in the US and have to be imported from Japan, we have very few in stock. Our stock quantity listed is accurate, but if these are backordered they can normally be acquired in 2 weeks.

This fits 1994+ 3000GT VR4 or Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo 6 speeds.