NGK 4091 R5671A-7 3000GT / Stealth Spark Plug Pack of 6

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NGK is a premium brand of spark plugs and have been used in daily drivers and race cars with great success.

This is a great all around 7 series non projected, non resistor spark plug. This is a great choice for a pump gas car or an ethanol car under 450AWHP. More power than that and we’d recommend an 8 series.

This plug has a good gap for 15 PSI on stock ignition out of the box, but you may gap as low as .022 depending on your boost level. We find that .025 – .028 is a great starting point once you get in the high teens to mid twenties boost.

Pack of 6 Spark Plugs

Non Resistor
Center Electrode Core Material: Copper Core
Center Electrode Tip Material: Nickel w/ V-groove
Gap Size: 0.032
Ground Configuration: Standard
Ground Electrode Core Material: Nickel Core
Ground Electrode Quantity: 1
Ground Electrode Tip Design: Standard
Hex Size: 5/8in
Insulator Height: ISO
Manufacturer Heat Range: 7
Reach: 19mm
Resistance: Non Resistor
Seat Type: Gasket
Thread Diameter: 0.551

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Weight.5 lbs