Injector Dynamics ID1300 3000GT / Stealth

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Injector Dynamics are some of the finest injectors in the motorsports industry.

The ID1300 is an all new injector, designed in partnership with Bosch Motorsport. This collaboration has given Injector Dynamics the ability to design a high flow injector with characteristics specific to the needs of the motorsport tuner. The ID1300 was designed with alternative fuels in mind, and is the only performance injector available with all stainless internals. It is compatible with all known fuels, and will stand up to the corrosive nature of alcohol better than any injector on the market.

If your car sits for any length of time with E85 in the tank you should invest in some injectors with all stainless internals to prevent lockup and poor function.

On a 3000GT or Dodge Stealth 6G72 these will support approximately 1300AWHP on race gasoline or 780-850 AWHP on E85

For help installing these in your 3000gt or Stealth please see our High Impedence Injectors Installation Guide


ID1300 Injector; 60mm Length; 11mm Upper O-Ring; 16mm x 5mm, Denso Square Lower O-Ring; Set of 6
Nominal Flow Rate – 1340cc/min @ 3.0 Bar (43.5 psi) Using Gasoline at 52 Degrees C (125 Degrees F)
Maximum Differential Fuel Pressure – 6 Bar (87 psi)
Fuel Compatibility – Compatible With All Known Fuels
Electrical Connector – US Denso *Denso lower, Adaptor top*
Injector Body Design: Metal and composite plastic
O-Rings Included: Yes, on the injectors
Length of injector from o-ring to o-ring: 60mm
Diameter of top o-ring / fuel rail bore: 11mm
Diameter or style lower o-ring or cushion: Denso square o-ring 16mm x 5mm