Clutch Masters 3000GT / Stealth Twin Disc Race

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This Clutch Masters Race twin disc is designed for cars that will see the track, and be driven hard on the street. It has one un-spring ceramic disc and one sprung ceramic disc. This allows the clutch to act like an unsprung ceramic type disc upon initial clutch uptake, but grab like a full rigid as the clutch reaches full engagement.

Being a post drive these will have some floater rattle with the clutch pressed down, but tight tolerances have been used in order to keep this at a minimum.

Clutch Masters makes these right in the USA. These are made to order and will usually ship in 3-5 days and cannot be cancelled or returned once ordered.

You may need to grind on your clutch fork to clear the clutch cover, instructions to come soon.

Also available with two ceramic discs for more capacity, but more of a race type of pedal feel and engagement.


850 Series Twin Disc; 8.50in Disc (Race)

Steel Flywheel Included

Includes Koyo/OEM modified throw out bearing and clutch alignment tool.

Fits all AWD 3000GT and Stealths.

*These are NOT generic pictures and are of an actual Clutchmasters 3000GT / Stealth Twin Disc.