3000GT / Stealth DOHC 6G72 Solid Timing Tensioner


3000GT / Stealth DOHC 6G72 Solid Timing Tensioner

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Switch to a solid camshaft belt tensioner and eliminate any risk of the stock one collapsing. This will replace your OEM hydraulic tensioner and is a great idea if you are running high RPM, heavier cam springs, or just like to run the car very hard.

This will fit both the DOHC non turbo and DOHC Turbo 1991-1999 3000GT and 1991-1996 DOHC and Turbo Stealths. It may also fit other 6G72 applications, but please verify before ordering.

An optional on adjustable tensioner pulley will prevent that component from slipping out of adjustment as well, fairly common on high RPM engines.

*This will not automatically adjust overtime and its a good idea to periodically (every oil change) check the cam belt tension, although it shouldn’t need much if any adjustment in the lifespan of a timing belt as timing belts are fiberglass re-inforced and stretch very little over time.