Melling Oil Pre Oiler/Priming Tool




Oil Pump Priming for engines that have an oil pump you can’t independently spin because they run right on the crankshaft like the 6G72 and the GM LS series engines are often primed by simply removing the spark plugs, disabling the fuel injectors and cranking for a long time until pressure is built. Sometimes this takes a minute or more of cranking.

During this period of cranking you are relying on your assembly lube to be able to prevent metal to metal contact.

This practice has been done a long time, but we really think there is a better way.

This Melling Pre-Lube Engine Oiler tool can easily be used to prime and fill your engine, so each and every part, mains, rods, camshafts, lifters, and turbochargers all have the best possible oiling for that initial startup.

This kit comes with a variety of adapters to fit many engines, including 1/8″ NPT. With a simple 1/8″ NPT to BSPT adapter you can screw the hose directly into the oil pressure sending port on the oil pump. Then you simply add 4 quarts of oil to your Melling oil pre-luber and screw the top on. Then add 45 or 50 PSI of air pressure using the already installed air connection and just open the valve. Let it run until tank is mostly empty, but not completely empty, to avoid pumping air into the system.

You can look in the rocker arm and see oil flowing out of the rocker arms and you are ready to start or store your engine knowing its fully lubricated. When you are ready to start it you can spin it over with fuel disabled to be extra safe, but it will take only moments to build pressure.

No more dry starts and no more praying the engine makes oil pressure when it starts!

Additional information

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions17 × 8 × 9 in