Gates T195RB Racing Timing Belt 3000GT / Dodge Stealth



This is a kevlar re-enforced racing timing belt for the 3/S. Great for that bit of extra insurance, especially given the 6G72 DOHC is an interference engine. If you have heavier than stock valve springs or a solid timing tensioner this is even more important, but will work just fine with stock components. If you turn higher than stock RPM this is also great insurance for that!

This will work fine with either the stock timing tensioner or a solid adjustable setup.  If using the stock tensioner we recommend reducing the gap between the tensioner arm and the hydraulic tensioner to about half of normal by pushing further on the manual tensioner, rather than setting it to the stock distance using the grenade pin. This will put the correct tensioner on the belt, as long as you don’t bottom out the hydraulic tensioner, but will prevent the engine from skipping time in the event of hydraulic tensioner failure or just the tensioner relaxing overnight while sitting.

Video coming soon!

Fits 91-96 3000GT All Models

97-99 3000GT SL & VR4

1991-1996 Dodge Stealth DOHC ES, R/T and R/T Turbo

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