5 Speed Transmission Rebuild Kit 3000GT VR4 Dodge Stealth AWD



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Output Shaft Seal

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No one likes a transmission that grinds and all the power in the world is no fun if you can’t shift!

The transmission synchronizers in the 3000GT VR4 or Dodge Stealth R/T turbo AWD cars can often experience a lot of wear, which will lead to slow shifting and even grinding. Its best to replace your synchros before you are grinding often or you are causing much more expensive damage to your gears and sliders. Many gears are no longer available and if you damage them from grinding you may not be able to find replacements. You can even break your shift forks from the hard shifting.

This kit includes the following:

1)Synchrotech Pro Carbon Synchronizers

2)All tapered roller bearings (does not include either input shaft bearing)

3)Output shaft seal + axle seals.

4)Input shaft bearing external o-ring

5)New Grade 10.9 Bolts (The 2 Long Bolts are no longer included due to availability and price, and are now an add on)

6)Speedometer sensor o-ring

7)Optional Output Shaft

8)2 .1mm Shims for each bearing that needs shimming

9)Optional 5th gear Carbon Late Hub Style Synchro*


*Carbon 5th for late model style hubs available now. If you have an early model hub (91-92) with a raised lip inside the 5th gear side your hub will need modification or the synchro will be destroyed when installed. We will modify your hub for $50 if you send it in.


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