3000GT Transfercase Bearings and Seals




Add Pinion Bearings (2)


This kit contains the two bearings, one on each side of the transfer case spool, a spool side seal, and a tailshaft seal. The 2 pinion bearings are optional for a total of 4 bearings.

Please select big bearing or small bearing. If you have a bolt in the side of your transfer case cover or your car is a 6 speed select big bearing.

It is a good idea to replace these if your t-case is leaking or you are replacing the spool. Very common wear item.

Note, the brand of bearings may vary, but will always be high quality, the type we would use in our rebuilds.

Fits 91-99 3000GT VR4 and 91-96 Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo

If you are not comfortable setting bearing pre-loads or pressing your own spool, please see our transfer case services.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 1.5 in

5 Speed, 6 Speed


Big Bearing, Small Bearing