3000GT / Stealth 6G72 Billet Oil Pump Gears



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Engine Safety Issues with Stock Oil Pump Gears

The OEM oil pump gears have a tendency to shatter at high rpm and/or high power. This will instantly ruin your engine from lack of oil pressure, requiring a full rebuild and thousands of dollars worth of repair.

OEM Oil Pump Availability

The 2nd generation 93+ Stealth and 3000GT 6G72 oil pump assemblies have been discontinued by Mitsubishi, so the only available pumps are New Old Stock and they will not last. When you rebuild your engine it is a must to inspect and replace your old oil pump as needed. With these new gears available you may be able to re-use your old pump housing and just replace the gears.

Billet Oil Pump Gears

We are proud to say these gears are made by Italo Grasso and not by a newcomer to the platform or industry. The gears are tried and proven to work in cars exceeding 1000AWHP and 9000 RPM. They are CMM inspected and you need not worry about dimensional issues or cavitation caused by poor gear manufacturing.

These are may times strong than the stock gears and will save your engine. We have limited stock and these are often not made more than once a year.

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