3000GT Dodge Stealth Getrag AWD Custom Transmission Rebuild




Syncronizers * 

Bellhousing Brace

Output Shaft

Shift Forks

Transmission Core * 

Torsion Center Diffential with 300m Output Shaft

Front LSD


A great shifting transmission will make or break your driving experience in a performance car. Don’t let a clunky, grinding, or leaking Getrag transmission define your vehicle. These transmissions shift precisely, silky smooth, and quickly when in excellent condition.

This is a custom transmission rebuild service, it is designed as a labor + parts service. You pick the parts you want and its built to your specification. Your particular unit may need other hard parts not included in this price, such as gears, hubs, sliders, or other parts. Once your transmission is received it will be fully disassembled, cleaned, and each part carefully inspected to determine what must be replaced and what is recommended. As a client you will receive a full cost estimate after this inspection is completely and have the opportunity to approve any addition parts over the standard rebuild items before further work is begun.

Parts Included in the Price:

  • New Countershaft Bearings
  • New End Case Input Shaft Bearing
  • New Axle, Output Shaft, and Shift Shaft Seals
  • New Side to Side Shift Bushing
  • New Drain and Fill Plugs
  • Any needed bearing shims
  • New End case Bearing retainer bolts
  • New 1/2 Synchro Springs if needed
  • Helicoil of any minor thread damage to t-case or mount holes
  • Turn around times vary depending on orders. We prioritize orders based on when they are purchased / parts are received. Email sales@rvengeperformance.com to inquire about current turn around times.

You will be responsible for the cost of shipping both ways. Transmissions can be shipped through freight carries for $250-$450 depending on locations and pick-up / delivery services needed. We can help facilitate shipping. DO NOT SEND IN A BOX THROUGH PARCEL SERVICES (UPS/FEDEX/USPS). THEY WILL GET DAMAGED!

If you do not have a core please select the option from the drop down, we may not have cores always in stock and will notify you if we have to locate one. Please note our cores are guaranteed rebuildable, yours may need extra hard parts depending on its condition.

Note billet shift forks are not available or required for the 5 speed.

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5 Speed, 6 Speed