3/S 5 Speed AWD Transmission Cluster Rebuild



VCU Inspection

Syncronizers * 

Output Shaft


Fluid Kit


We are happy to offer a very good product for the DIY type of 3000GT and Dodge Stealth Mechanics out there. This is a full gear cluster, input, and output shaft rebuild. You may send in your end case with the gears so you don’t have to press it in and out, we’ll do that for you.

We will include the following services:

  • Full cleanup of your input and cluster gears, including ultrasonic cleaning in our ultrasonic tank
  • Full breakdown and inspection of each shaft, gear, hub, slider, and bearing
  • Installation and measurement of Synchrotech Pro Carbon Synchronizers, OEM synchros are an option. Please note 91/92 5 Speeds will require a new hub or machining at additional cost
  • Replacement of counter shaft tapered roller bearings
  • Recommendation for any hubs, sliders, or gears that may requirement replacement for optimal performance. Any additional parts will be quoted at additional cost
  • Reasonable installation support, we cannot answer every question or provide a total walkthrough, but we will help in any reasonable way we can, including advice or pictures of the process
  • Provided you do not require any new hard parts that are out of stock we will typically provide a 1-2 week turn around time from receiving your shafts
  • If you want to have us inspect your VCU and center differential we will do so if you ship it along. There will be a small $25 fee, which helps cover additional shipping
  • If you wish to purchase a new output shaft we also offer those as options
  • Free return shipping to the 48 continental United States
  • Includes synchros for all forward gears.
*We are only able to warranty these up to the point you install them. Please fully inspect each shaft and visible components. Once these are run in a transmission we cannot provide warranty as there are too many variables outside of our control regarding the installation.


Additional information

Weight145 lbs
Dimensions24 × 24 × 24 in