At Rvenge Transmissions we believe in continuous improvement. We have worked long and hard on creating and refining our process to offer a great combination of customer service, performance, and value.

Throughout the process we are committed to maintaining excellent communication. We will provide accurate and realistic timelines, honest evaluation of your parts condition, and the best possible service. We will not over commit ourselves and allow ourselves to fall short of our promises.

We have a personal love for transmissions, starting with a careful evaluation of your unit’s condition. We provide an evaluation report that will carefully document any issues found while disassembling your unit.

We will then go through a multi-step cleaning process. Starting with a basic cleaning using environmentally friendly water based cleaning solution and ending with each part spending time in our ultrasonic cleaner.

After each part of your transmission or transfer case has been evaluated and cleaned we will provide a detailed estimate of any parts needed, including costs, and time required. Our customers will be presented with parts we feel must be replaced and parts we feel should be replaced.

Once the build has been fully approved we will begin assembly and continue to keep our customers informed with documentation of the parts replaced and detailed pictures. 

Bearing pre-loads are reset for maximum bearing life and best shifting. Synchronizers are carefully fitted to each sub assembly and measured to verify correct fit. New seals are carefully installed and precisely fitted.

Each transmission or transfer case we rebuild is filled with fluid and allowed to sit at least one day to check for case leaks. It is then spun tested to several thousand rpm and shifted to verify each gear and synchronizer operates properly and that none of the seals leak. The transmission is carefully evaluated for noise, shift feel, and the fluid is drained and inspected. Only once the unit has passed all of these tests do we consider the job complete.

Finally, as we near completion of the project we will work to arrange freight and make receiving your transmission very easy. We also include technical information and advice we have accumulated for years on how to get the most out of your new drive line components and have the best driving experience and ensure the longest life for your investment. 

Each build is individually serial numbered and maintained in a database. We will be able to provide a report of everything done to your transmission or transfer case for your information or if you ever wish to sell the car or unit.