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3000GT Billet Transfer Case Build

We love to have the opportunity to build transfer cases from stock to maximum effort builds like this, but this unit came out so good we had to share! This 5 speed 3000GT transfer case build has the following: Full Rvenge Performance 3000GT Transfercase Rebuild Service REM Treated Gears Broomfield Racing Billet Case Vipershark Billet […]

3000GT Radiator – Aluminum Performance Koyo Installation Guide

Let’s face it, if you have a 3000GT or Dodge Stealth you have an engine that produces a lot of heat. You also have a car that could be almost 30 years old, with a 30 year old radiator. Combine a 30 year old radiator and our notoriously cramped engine bays, perhaps a front mount […]

Transfer Case Bearing Pre-loads – 3000GT Spool Swap

Bearing pre-loads are critical to long life of any tapered roller bearing. It is very important when swapping a transfer case spool to reset the bearing pre-load. A different spool than the original one your transfer case came with may not be dimensional identical and aftermarket spools, while often very high quality, may bring additional […]

3000GT / Dodge Stealth Performance Spark Plug Recommendations

Today we want to share some recommendations for what spark plugs to run, in terms of spark plug electrode material, spark plug heat range, spark plug gap, and other options. These recommendations are meant for modified cars, from BPU to wild. The stock or parts store plugs are acceptable for a bone stock 3000GT or […]

3000GT Rear End Rebuild Results

In this blog post we want to cover the results of a 3000GT rear end rebuild we recently performed. This rear differential from a 6 speed 3000GT VR4 needed a rebuild for many reasons. It was rusty, had excessive backlash, and the seals were leaking. We had a core in stock and rebuilt it on […]

3000GT / Dodge Stealth Coil On Plug Kit Installation and FAQ

We are excited to announce our coil on plug kit we have developed for the 3000GT and Dodge Stealth Platform. This kit will help take your ignition into the modern era, using easily replaceable parts and eliminating many expensive / hard to get Mitsubishi specific parts. Features Mil-Spec wire, color coded for each cylinder. Long […]

FIC 1650cc Fuel Injector Install for the 3000GT and Dodge Stealth

Today we are in part 2 of our FIC 1650cc Injector series. In part one we did an unboxing video. In part two we will show how to install these FIC 1650s, or any fuel injector in a 3000GT or Dodge Stealth. This video may also be helpful for those wanting to replace the spark […]

1650cc HighZ FIC 3000GT Fuel Injectors

Today we are beginning testing of 1650cc high z FIC fuel injectors on our Dodge Stealth Turbo shop car. For a full list of mods please visit our post on it here. We wanted to share a un-boxing video and talk about some of the benefits of the new 1650cc high impedence, stainless steel internals, […]

6 Speed 3000GT Transmission Rebuild Part #1

Today we are going to illustrate some of what’s involved in changing synchros in a 3000GT VR4 or Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo. This is also useful for those of you who want to take advantage of our cluster rebuild options. These are not all the steps we take, but we think they will be helpful. […]

3000GT Transmission Rebuild and Synchronizer Break-In

A 3000GT transmission rebuild or a Dodge Stealth transmission rebuild is an investment that you will want to protect. There are steps to take to be sure that your transmission rebuild lasts a long time and gives you a lot of joy, shifting the transmission for years to come. Installation Recommendations A transmission or clutch swap […]

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