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3000GT Transmission Rebuild and Synchronizer Break-In

A 3000GT transmission rebuild or a Dodge Stealth transmission rebuild is an investment that you will want to protect. There are steps to take to be sure that your transmission rebuild lasts a long time and gives you a lot of joy, shifting the transmission for years to come. Installation Recommendations A transmission or clutch swap […]

3000GT Fuel Injectors and Dodge Stealth Turbo Fuel Injector Recommendations

Stock 3000GT Fuel Injectors The stock 3000GT fuel injectors for the 3000GT VR4 or Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo are rather undersized for the potential of the car and are one of the first things that owners upgrade once they get beyond basic bolt-ons. The stock injectors are an EV1 style design and are 360cc low […]

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